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Title Waxed canvas men's luxury bags, what makes them interesting and how to care for them?
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2023-05-30
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  • Waxed canvas men's luxury bags,
    what makes them interesting and how to care for them?

  • Today we're going to take a closer look at a very special bag material.
    It's wax canvas. Waxed canvas is a cross between Barbour from the UK and Martexin waxed canvas from the US.
    Original waxed canvas is a very expensive material that is rarely available outside of luxury brands.

  • (Builford waxed canvas has a classic feel, and the vintage cracks look great)

  • TThat's why I think the only brands that have really gone all in on men's luxury bags are the category powerhouses we know. Among them is the 100-year-old American brand Martexin, known for its original waxed canvas.

  • What's so great about waxed canvas?
  • First of all, it's the classic look of the waxed, dense canvas material and oiled leather. As you can see in the photo of Builford's bag above, it's a one-of-a-kind luxury luggage material that has a deep, classic, vintage look.

  • (Builford's 9oz charcoal grid wax canvas, with vintage cracks.)

  • The beauty of wax canvas is the vintage cracks that show through the canvas.
    If it's a darker color fabric, you'll see cracks where the fabric folds or touches.

  • Where did wax canvas come from for men's luxury bags and jackets?
  • Today, we're going to focus less on products and more on the material that men's luxury backpacks and bags are made of, wax canvas.
    Along the way, we've included photos of the fabric and a test video from Builford, a leading brand of luxury waxed canvas bags, to help you understand.

  • Waxed canvas originated with sailors, hunters, and canoeists who waxed canvas to make it more water-repellent and durable in wet conditions.
    For sailors, rain, wind, and waves are the biggest dangers at sea, and their 15th century gear didn't offer much protection.
    To make them waterproof and make their sails more aerodynamic, sailors coated them with fish oil.

  • (Builford Brush Craft Pack)

  • Over time, the Americans and British switched to treating flax canvas sail cloth with linseed oil instead, keeping it light and efficient in windy conditions. To protect themselves from the biting wind and spray, men on deck often wore socks made from leftover offal.

  • (Oil leather pairs well with wax canvas)

  • In the 19th century, inspired by Egyptian cotton, lighter, denser cotton fabrics began to make more effective sail cloths, and the results were revolutionary.
    Cotton fabrics were less prone to holes due to their dense texture, making them less cumbersome not only for ships but also for clothing.

  • Canvas, made from beeswax, was first used at sea and then spread to numerous military applications. British soldiers wore waxed canvas clothing during World War II.
    It was also used for uniforms, tents, duffel bags, and other practical gear.

  • A waxed canvas bag (Builford Bushcraft Pack), which is now being incorporated into luxury fashion brands.

    Later, the material with many of these benefits was also used in luxury jackets,Barbour and Belstaff, and in bags by the likes of Builford and Filson, with Barbour being the most famous for bags and Belstaff being the most popular in men's jackets today.

  • What are the characteristics of wax canvas and how to care for it?
  • The main feature of wax canvas is that it has a classic look, with deep colors and textures, as mentioned above.
    There are many wax canvas products on the market, but some of the originals are over 100 years old, such as Billford's Martexin and Barber's wax canvas.
    These are very dense, high-density wax canvases with a special waxing that makes them perfect for modern fashion.

  • (16 oz. heavy-duty wax canvas, the fabric used in the Builford Bikers Crew Backpack)

  • Of course, like any leather, it's very expensive, so it's hard to get the original unless it's a luxury bag.
    It's only used by brands like Builford, Barbour, and Belstaff. There are also brands like Duluth Pack and Filson, but waxing isn't what it used to be.

  • The appeal of wax canvas
  • Try artificially squeezing the fabric on the left.

    This is to show you how vintage cracks in wax canvas look.

  • (Testing the fabric to make vin tage cracks on waxed canvas)

  • The image below is showing vintage cracks. Original wax canvas will develop this vintage cracking effect with use, especially on thinner fabrics.

  • This is the part that enthusiasts love the most. You don't have to do it on purpose, it just happens naturally with use.

  • When you release the fabric and stretch it out, you'll notice that the left and right sides have a distinctly different shape.

    If you fold it or touch it, you get this vintage pattern, and I grabbed it to show you.

  • How do I get rid of the cracks or remove a very light stains?
  • First, I'll show you how to remove vintage cracks, and then I'll talk about how to care for your wax canvas men's backpack.

    We'll show you how to remove a wax canvas crack on a luxury men's bag, the Builford. By applying heat to the cracks with a hair dryer, the wax melts and the cracks disappear.

  • Of course, it naturally forms a charming vintage pattern that we love.

  • I think the original method used a heat gun, but a hairdryer will work just as well.

    As you can see in the photo below, the heat made the crack disappear.

    Wax canvas has such a strange charm and functionality as a man's room.

    If you see some water splashes or light stains from use, you can heat it up with a hair dryer.

  • Old and worn & Vintage charm
  • See that Belstaff jacket we showed you at the beginning of the article when we talked about the origins of wax canvas?

    That's the kind of worn, old jacket that makes a wax canvas luxury bag all the more appealing. The leather is treated with leather essence, stitched with hemp, and repaired over time.

  • After 4-5 years of use, if you feel that the wax on the canvas has lost some of its shine, you can use a private company that rewaxes it.

    It's a fun bag to take care of and love.

    I think the combination of BELSTAFF Jackets and Builford Bags is perfect.

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