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Title Completing the Collection: Builford’s Waxed Canvas Jacket
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • Completing the Collection: Builford’s Waxed Canvas Jacket
  • WWhen you browse the Builford catalog online, you pass through the rucksacks and backpacks first, dreaming of adventures and nights in the wild. Then you pass through the totes and crossbodys, ready for the daily life of the city. The portfolios come next, modern briefcases for any professional, followed by the duffles, the perfect companion for longer travels. Stop briefly by the sling bags for unique, crossbody style pouches, and you’ve seen the full range of vintage style bags Builford has to offer.

    But there’s one last category left, and it’s sure to pique your interest. The Builford waxed canvas jacket completes the catalog, and you’ll be happy you took the time to check it out! 

    Certainly, ‘waxwear’ and ‘waxed canvas’ almost always refer to bags and rucksacks. It’s not the first material one thinks of to design a jacket. However, just as Builford reimagined waxed canvas in order to create its sophisticated, luxury vintage bags, we decided to try a new way of making waxed canvas fashion. The result is this all-purpose, super versatile jacket that both men and women can appreciate.

  • Designing the Waxed Canvas Jacket
  • Builford’s inspiration always comes from the past, each item in the collection re-envisioning vintage styles for the contemporary world. Many of the rucksacks pay homage to waxed canvas’s origins as a rugged material for outdoors equipment such as hunting, hiking, and camping.

    The waxed jacket does this as well, which fits the fabric’s character best. The design is inspired by old-fashioned trench coats and hunting jackets, the explorer-type style providing many of the basic elements. However, Builford would never release something that’s a straight-up copy of a vintage design, without adding its own twists and tweaks to modernize.

    The basic building blocks are simple: a light, mid-season loose-fitting jacket with large hunting vest style pockets. The collar fastens with a buckle and everything else with metal snaps (with a zipper for the front as well).

    From there, there are a few well-chosen extras to bring out the jacket’s unique style, especially in the women’s version. 

    The male version of the jacket is simple enough. It does feature a corduroy collar lining, which gives definition to the collar. The interior is lined with a dark plaid. Overall, it has a basic, hunter/utility vest style design, bringing out the natural vintage feel of the waxed canvas.

    The women’s jacket is a bit more fun. The interior lining is a lighter plaid, which breaks up the plain waxwear exterior and gives life and light to the look. It comes with a belt at the waist to add shape to the body. It also has a different color lining at the collar, which has a sharper edge to define and highlight the neck. Finally, the left side front pocket is set at an angle, adding an element of funkiness to the otherwise sober exterior.

    But none of this description mentions the best and most important design element of these waxwear jackets: the material they are made of!

    Waxed canvas is the main feature, and it takes center stage. The natural vintage appearance of the canvas is enough to stand on its own without too much extra adornment. The deep earthy tones of the canvas recall the material’s origins in nature.

    The design is one thing; however, what is actually like to wear a waxed canvas jacket, and where can you wear it?

  • Waxed Canvas Apparel: It’s Not Waxy At All
  • You might be worried that the waxed canvas looks greasy or would leave residue on your skin after wearing it a long time. After all, doesn’t waxed canvas mean it’s infused with wax? What happens in the sun? What happens if you wash it?

    First of all, you don’t need to worry. Waxed canvas does not mean you cover regular canvas in a layer of wax and call it done. The hot wax is infused into the material directly and all extra is removed. What remains is a part of the fabric. The waxing process leaves the material waterproof, but it doesn’t leave sticky residue.

    Additionally, Builford’s waxed canvas is special: we use only one hundred percent Original Martexin Waxed Canvas™, which is the highest quality of the fabric available.It’s one of the most respected brands – the family business has endured in the market for close to a hundred years. Over the years, they have developed have the best formula, which is the least sticky and produces the softest, most flexible waxed canvas.

    A new jacket might be slightly stiff at first. However, it will quickly soften up with wear. As you can see here, the fabric doesn’t have any shiny residue and looks like normal fabric. You won’t even remember that there was wax involved!

  • With that said, it’s not a good idea to wash your waxed canvas jacket with your other clothes. The oils and wax from the infusion process could potentially leak onto your other clothes. But don’t worry – because it’s waterproof, you can easily wipe the jacket clean with a damp towel! 

    Other than this precaution, there’s nothing else special you need to know about having a waxed canvas jacket. It feels and looks like any other material. The texture gives it a slightly rougher appearance, but it’s not scratchy or itchy on your skin.

    You might find that after a few years of use, the wax may start to evaporate, leaving the canvas a bit dry. Fortunately, Martexin provides re-waxing kits that you can use at home to renew the waxing process. They walk you through the full process of heating and brushing on the wax. An afternoon of attention and your jacket is good to go for the next several years!

  • The Perfect Mid-Season Jacket
  • A waxed canvas jacket is the best for the in-between seasons, when the weather is a bit temperamental. Because it’s quite light, it’s not good for cold weather, however when matched with a sweatshirt it can take you quite far into autumn and early winter.

    The in-between seasons can be tricky to dress for as the weather can change unpredictably. The mornings might be very cool, the afternoons hot, and a few random rain showers to confuse it all more.

    Having a light jacket to layer on is the best way to deal with changing weather.The best part about waxed canvas is also that it’s waterproof – so if you do get caught in a surprise shower, you don’t need to have an extra rain jacket with you!

    The Builford wax jacket is great for spring and autumn, obviously. But outdoors enthusiasts who spend their summers hiking in the mountains will also appreciate it. Once you get over a certain altitude, it doesn’t matter if it’s mid-summer; it gets chilly! Especially when the wind blows or sudden, mountain summer storms come sweeping in.

    Waxed canvas is known for its ability to deal with nature and the elements, which is why you’ll be glad you have something to toss on over lunch at the summit, or something to protect you if it rains on the descent. 

    For those summer camping trips as well, you’ll be reaching for it as the night falls. Even with a blazing bonfire roasting your face and your marshmallows, you’ll want the layer on your back.

    Indeed, you might purchase a waxwear jacket particularly to wear for hiking and camping. The extra pockets and durable fabric make it an excellent choice for that. But there’s many, both men and women, who choose this unique jacket purely for its style.

    There’s at least one country where some of the top celebrities and personalities have been seen wearing this Builford jacket – South Korea!

  • Top Korean Dramas…Starring Builford!
  • Korean dramas have spread all over the world, as part of the Hallyu movement that began with Kpop and the international export of Korean culture. You can find all of the top dramas with English subtitles, and enjoy the wacky drama and creativity that they always offer.

    There has been more than one series in which you can find Builford in a supporting role. From serious dramas to light reality shows, we’ve caught some top stars wearing the Builford waxed canvas jacket! 

  • This is Son Dam-bi in the 2016 SBS drama Mrs. Cop 2. Ms. Son played a central role as one of the police in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. She was often seen wearing the waxed jacket, and as you can see, it fits the look perfectly! The overall look brings across a down-to-earth business-like feel. With her sleeves rolled up, Ms. Son looks ready for anything – and considering the role she’s playing, she’ll need it! You’ll also notice that the look can be more formal or casual depending on the context – in the office she looks more formal, but here she looks more relaxed and casual.

  • More recently, the 2018 series Come and Hug Me on MBC featured the waxed jacket on another detective role. This time it was Jang Ki-yong’s character Chae Do-jin, a rookie detective, who wore the men’s version of the Builford jacket. And we have to say, he looks good!

  • The navy color gives Mr. Jang a somber and serious look, but the pockets and waxed canvas make sure that he can still get down to business. His detective character has to be on top of his game to sort out the tricky case that comes his way – and not just the one involving his childhood love!

    We can obviously understand why policemen and detectives would love the waxed jacket for its durability and utility. But it’s also just fine for every day work as well – such as the daily job of being a roommate, as documented on SBS’s highly popular reality show Roommate. 

  • Japanese star Ryohei Otani has been an active player in the South Korean entertainment scene for over ten years. When he joined the cast of Roommate in season 2, we saw him sporting the Builford jacket. With a hoodie underneath, he looks cozy and casual.

    These are just a few high profile examples of where this mid-season jacket fits. We’re sure it will inspire you to add one of your own to your wardrobe! 

  • All-Purpose Style
  • When the weather just starts getting nice again in the spring and you’re dying to get out even though it’s still chilly and a little damp, you’ll reach for your Builford jacket. At first you might wear it with a sweater, buttoned up to the collar for a more somber look. But as the sun comes out more, you’ll open it and roll up the sleeves.

    As the weather warms up, you’ll start going higher to avoid the heat. The cool mountain air will be the perfect antidote to the burning city, and you’ll spend long summer days hiking and camping. Your waxed jacket will smell of the smoke from the nighttime bonfires.

    Those smoky memories will last as you pull it out again as the weather cools down, the jacket a staple of your fall wardrobe. The earthy tones and waxed canvas make an excellent companion to fall colors.

    Along the way, you’ll use it for the days when you need to get down to business, when you need to feel competent and capable, or when you just want to feel comfortable and easy. You’ll integrate it into your own fashion style, adding your own touches, maybe a button or a patch or two. Men and women alike will find their style in this jacket.

    There are few materials more versatile than waxed canvas, and you’ll soon discover that this jacket is always hung somewhere you can grab easily. From hiking to shopping, from work to play, it’s always the best accessory.

  • Purchase your Builford waxed canvas jacket today on the online store. We ship worldwide and often run specials on shipping costs. While you’re at it, check out our luxury vintage line of waxed canvas bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and more! Builford promises long-lasting, fashionable vintage style products.

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