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Title Climbing The Ladder With a Waxed Canvas Briefcase
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • Climbing The Ladder With a Waxed Canvas Briefcase
  • BBack in the days when every young man carried a briefcase to work, there was really only one option for a career: start at the bottom, and work your way up.

    A young man’s first briefcase might have come from his father, the wear on its corners speaking of a lifetime of use. After his first big promotion, he could purchase his own briefcase, a good leather one, the shiny polished black corners alluding to his new salary and a high position. Someone who wanted to show off their wealth might choose exotic materials for their briefcase, snakeskin or something similar – though it definitely isn’t a classy choice!

    Now, it’s rare that anyone stays with the same company their whole career. Instead of climbing one ladder, we jump back and forth between different ones, looking for large leaps up or ladders with better benefits.

    With each stylish, professional waxed canvas briefcase in the collection, Builford honors the past traditions with its own modern twist.

    Builford professional bags include all the modern amenities such as laptop pockets and adjustable shoulder straps. The designs, however, are inspired by vintage designs, harkening to the previous generations hard work and loyalty.

    The blend of past and present is completed with the use of waxed canvas and leather – an unusual but dynamic combination for a professional bag.

    The various elements come together to make a luxury vintage bag that’s both traditional and ground-breaking.

    In that way, a Builford waxed canvas briefcase is an excellent bag for those on a more traditional career path as well as those who blaze a new path - and everyone in between.

    Let’s take a look at some of the top bags in the collection and the features they offer, starting with one of the original designs the brand released: the Jeeney Cross Body Bag.

  • Cool Classy Cross Body
  • The Jeeney Cross Body was one of the first items in the Builford collection. The brand started with a vision to reimagine waxed canvas, traditionally reserved for rugged, outdoorsy rucksacks and haversacks.

    Considering this, creating a professional style bag was an ambitious place to start!

    Swiftly, however, Builford proved that it was absolutely possible to make waxed canvas a veritably luxurious and elegant material. And not was it possible, it worked.

    The Jeeney Cross Body is the earliest proof of that, as it is still, several years down the road, a staple in the brand’s collection.

    There are many reasons Builford was able to transfer waxed canvas from cowboy to CEO. One is the balance between the waxed canvas and leather.

    Builford uses a specially treated leather for all its bags. While some recent models use different colors of leather, many of the original designs still feature the pure form. It has been treated with oil to ensure that it never gets dry or cracks, a process that also brings out the best color and texture. As Builford starts with premium cowhide, the result is that the leather details always add a luxurious touch to the bags.

    The Jeeney Cross Body doesn’t heavily feature the leather, but it adds just enough to complement the waxed canvas. The two leather straps that wrap the front of the bag and finish in the “buckles” (actually magnetic snaps) give the bag a streamlined, elegant shape.

    They say the devil is in the details, which is perhaps why Builford bags always have such careful finishings. The small details on the Jeeney, for example, such as the leather edging on the flap and the two small cross details on the front straps, add a sense of attention and care to the design.

    Of course, you can’t put lipstick on a garbage can and call it fashion. It might seem like a strange combination to slap such beautifully treated leather on what many people think of as a rough, somewhat uncultured material.

    The waxed canvas Builford uses is anything but. The brand partnered with producers of the highest quality waxed canvas on the market, Original Martexin, to create a slightly thinner, softer version of the traditional fabric. They also worked on creating subtle, earthy tones that spoke the material’s history, but that would bring sophistication and elegance.

    The result of this marriage between a higher grade of waxed canvas and high quality leather is the result one can see in the Jeeney Cross Body. Some colors, such as brush brown, come off as more casual, while others like the olive, are more formal.

    What comes out at the end is a high quality, professional bag that can function as messenger bag or briefcase. Appearance is important, especially in more formal office settings, but the functionality is even more so.

  • Inside the Jeeney Cross Body
  • The most important feature of the modern briefcase is a laptop pocket. We always have to be ready to work on the go, take notes in meetings, bring presentations, and etc.

    Many briefcases are only equipped for small laptop sizes, but the Jeeney Cross Body is up to the task. It is not a particularly large briefcase, with a width of fourteen inches and a height of eleven and a half inches. However, it is ample space for most standard laptop sizes, up to fifteen inches.

    Besides the laptop pouch, the main compartment has a full five inches of width, which means that it can hold much more than just the notebook. You can easily pack a book for the commute, and maybe even gym clothes for after work!

    The main compartment seals with a middle zipper, but with enough material on each side so the zipper doesn’t pinch the contents. That’s not the extent of the interior space, however. Unlike many portfolios, the bag also includes two zippered pockets at the front, one larger and one smaller, and a large slip-in pouch the full size of the bag at the back.

    While you may not use all the space provided, it’s good to have for busy days and commuters. The front pockets are especially useful for small valuables such as phones, wallets, passports, or other items you need to reach quickly. Because the top flap secures with magnetic snaps, it’s a breeze to open and close. 

    While the Jeeney Cross Body is named as such as it is most commonly carried like a messenger bag with the shoulder strap, which is fully adjustable. However, it also comes with a sturdy leather carrying handle at the top, so you can carry the bag like a real briefcase.

    From the design to the functionality, this waxed canvas briefcase is a high-class bag perfect for professionals at all levels. 

    The Jeeney Cross Body is not the only of Builford’s elegant waxed canvas briefcases, however. Two more designs that joined the collection in 2017 were specifically created with professionals in mind.

    Let’s take a look.

  • Waxed Canvas Briefcases Made For Professionals
  • The Jeeney Cross Body was originally designed as an all-purpose cross-style bag; however, due to its sophisticated appearance and extended functionality, it became a favorite for professionals.

    The two portfolios released in 2017, on the other hand, were designed from the beginning with professionals in mind.

  • The Standard Portfolio is one of the closest things to a modern briefcase we can find. It has the same unadorned look with pure waxed canvas. The only details are the black leather edging and handles. On this waxed canvas briefcase, the shoulder strap is removable, reducing the extra elements even more.

    In terms of dimensions, the Standard Portfolio is bigger than the Jeeney Cross Body, a full seventeen inches by thirteen inches. That means almost all portable laptop sizes can fit in the dedicated laptop sleeve. It is thinner with a width of three inches, which gives it a slimmer and sleeker appearance.

    On the inside, it has a durable and waterproof lining. In addition to the laptop sleeve, you’ll find a few small pockets to organize your valuables, and even a few pen loops! Every manager knows how often you need to sign documents, so you’ll be glad to have your pens handy.

    The Standard Portfolio is perfect for more formal office settings, and gives the impression of title and authority. The Marron Grey color is especially sober and perfect for suit-and-tie dress codes, while the Brush Brown brings a slightly more casual feeling.

  • The second portfolio in the series is the Builder’s Portfolio. As the name suggests, this laptop bag is sturdier and more rugged than its cousin. In dimensions it is similar, fifteen and a half inches by thirteen, though it is slighter wider at four inches.

    In terms of appearance, the Builder’s Portfolio has two external zippered pockets, one the full width of the bag and one the perfect size for a tablet.It also has a small pouch on the side, perfect for a cellphone or other small item you need to access easily.

    The mounted handles with extra detailing add to the sense of weight that the additional features bring. Like the Standard Portfolio, the shoulder strap is removable and adjustable. The interior is almost the same as well, with the same durable lining and organizational features.

    While it does have an overall more casual look, the Builder’s Portfolio is not out of place in formal settings. It has an easy-going feel that will communicate your competence and creativity.

  • Work From Anywhere With a Builford Waxed Canvas Briefcase
  • Both of these waxed canvas bags are right at home in all kinds of offices. But in this day and age, many people don’t work from an office! We are in the age of the digital nomad, where many people take their laptops and go, wandering the world as they continue working.

    There are those, of course, for whom the digital nomad lifestyle is not possible or not interesting. But many people do work remotely or work primarily from their own laptops. They work from home, in cafés, or perhaps in co-working spaces. Many startups that don’t have their own offices yet will rent space in co-working offices or find other cheap solutions for space.

    The Builford waxed canvas portfolios are excellent options for these alternative working environments. They can carry a full size laptop with much room to spare, ensuring you can bring everything you need for a full day’s work.

    Because the waxed canvas is waterproof, if something goes terribly wrong with your coffee, what’s inside the bag won’t be affected. It’s also particularly durable, and with the treated leather and metal zippers, these are bags to last a full career – or several, as the case may be!

  • Jump The Ladder With Builford Waxed Canvas Portfolios
  • Over the course of your career, you may climb the ladder steadily like your parents. Or you may jump from ladder to ladder, or up several rungs at a time. You may eschew the ladder entirely and follow your own path, or even create your own! There is no formula anymore for success beyond what you make of it.

    Wherever your journey leads, let a Builford waxed canvas briefcase help you get there. There are few bags on the market with such durability and class, blending vintage elements with a modern touch.

    If you already have your briefcase, or the cross body style isn’t for you, you can also check out the full collection of rucksacks and backpacks! These heavy-duty bags aren’t just for hiking: they have the same elegance and sophistication of those discussed in this article. Indeed, for some digital nomads they might be better equipped for the hard days of travel. 

    Find your perfect waxed canvas bag in the catalog on this website – and be sure to keep checking back, as we run promotions for free worldwide shipping quite often!

  • Builford bags use only certified Original Martexin Waxed Canvas and treated leather. Your purchase is an investment in the future and every bag comes with a Lifetime Guarantee – aside from general wear and tear, we will replace or repair defective merchandise.

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