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Title Waxed Canvas Roll Top Backpack
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • On The Move With a Builford Waxed Canvas Roll Top Backpack
  • Make the change, make the grade, and make the summit with a high quality, large-size wax canvas backpack from Builford!

  • IIn today’s world of social media, it’s easy to confuse real life with a curated, carefully-presented version of it. The envy and doubt caused by looking at the beautiful photos That One Friend always posts is real, and can even cause serious depression. It’s gotten bad enough that apparently millennials even choose their vacation spots by how nice the scenery will appear in Instagram photos.

    There’s an expression for this crazy phenomenon: FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out. It’s ironic that FOMO started getting very popular shortly after the YOLO (You Only Live Once) craze – after all, “YOLO” only counts if it’s posted and shared.

    Turn your FOMO into YOLO with a versatile waxed canvas roll top backpack. 

    Or better yet, leave both behind and just live your life in peace! It takes some time to learn how to not care about the number of likes, but when you’re busy and engaged in what’s in front of you, it’s surprisingly easy.

    If you’re looking to make your friends green with envy when they view your feed, take your waxed rucksack to the mountaintops or gorgeous waterfalls. Travel to exotic cities with it, wander unknown streets.

    At Builford, though, we think it’s not just about being flashy and worthy of jealousy.There’s a lot more to life than that, and seeking too much of the grandeur can make every day life seem pretty bland. Like life, there’s much more to this waxed canvas rucksack than the outside appearance.

    Instead of focusing on what the outside world thinks, work on your inner self. Study for another degree, finish the Bachelor’s you always wanted, or even just take the few extra weekend classes in some subject you’ve always been passionate about.

    The Safari Roll Top Backpack is your companion day in and day out, and focusing on what you can do with it might just be your ticket out of the cycle of “like, comment, and share.”

  • Into The Woods With The Safari Waxed Canvas Roll Top Backpack
  • If you believe Facebook, it’s easy to think that being outside and going for hikes is just one picturesque setting after another, and every turn leads to some new beautiful view.

    With that expectation, of course you’ll be disappointed when your hike only leads to maybe one or two beautiful view, if that. What are you doing wrong?!

    Nothing at all! The truth is, nature can be spectacular. It can also just be, well, nature! Sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes it’s a bunch of trees and rocks.

    There are many more advantages to spending time in nature, however, besides just trying to find the best places for Instagram photos. 

    Next time you try to go hiking or camping, shrug on your Builford waxed canvas roll top backpack, but this time, don’t pack your phone. Stuff the rucksack full of good snack food and a picnic lunch, extra layers if you need them, and water. Then, without searching only for the good photo stops, just take the time to engage with your surroundings. Even if it is just a bunch of trees and rocks! You might be surprised by the peace and serenity you find, especially by disconnecting. There’s a reason we have the term “digital detox” now!

    A waxed canvas backpack is particularly great for the outdoors, and Builford’s Safari Roll Top Backpack is no exception. It’s easy to use and extra durable. It’s large enough for longer or more serious hikes, as well as hikes in cooler seasons when you need lots of extra clothes and gear. 

  • As a bonus, if your aim is the perfect Instagram picture, the Builford Safari backpack always looks good! However, you might find that you actually enjoy the time away. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to leave the phone behind, or at least tucked away in one of the many small pockets at the front of the pack.

    You’ll find that instead of the anxiety of finding the best picture, you look forward to the time disconnected, and you get excited whenever you pull the rucksack out. Your time with this waxed canvas roll top backpack and away from the noise is important: not for what you’ll be able to share later, but for what you gain now.

  • A Waxed Canvas Backpack for Sports and Travel
  • There’s a whole lot of life that isn’t necessarily Instagram worthy, yet makes up some of the moments that count the most. 

    When you play sports, for example, there’s no time to stop and take a selfie. Let others take the photos of the big game and leave the cell phone behind – you need all your concentration anyway!

    Our waxed canvas roll top backpack is great for athletes as well as outdoors enthusiasts. You’ll need both the interior and exterior quality that Builford promises.

    On the outside, you can’t always think about where you drop your bag, whether on a freshly watered pitch or the dirt of a sandlot baseball diamond.

  • The waxed canvas works well in this situation for all the same reasons it works well in nature. It’s waterproof and durable. The last thing you want to think about is where you should put your bag or find it ruined and soaking after an exhilarating game in the rain.

    You don’t need a precious bag when you play sports – again, it’s just the tool. The rock solid waxed canvas is exactly what you need. 

    You’ll also need the interior protection of the backpack when you use it as a sports bag. If you carry cleats, for example, you know how easily they claw up the inside of a bag. You need extra clothes, extra water, extra shoes, and extra equipment. The tough material lining of Builford is durable and won’t tear easily.

    The extra-long compartment of the Safari Roll Top Backpack is great as well for the equipment and extra gear you need for practice and the big game.

    Playing sports is one of the best ways to find community and get your adrenaline pumping. It’s hard to feel FOMO when your blood is pumping and all your focus is on making the goal, after all! 

  • Beat the FOMO With Your Own Voyages
  • This Builford waxed canvas rucksack also makes an excellent travel backpack. The Roll Top feature lets you use all available space in the backpack, like the more well-known backpacking pack style.

    With extra padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel that fits naturally to the curves in your back, you can feel comfortable carrying this rucksack around with you. Take it as an extra carry-on or solo!

    When you pack up this waxed canvas roll top backpack and head out, remember not to search only for the best Instagram picture or the best spot for a Facebook story. Take the pictures, but pay attention the rest of the time – sometimes the things that seem the most mundane carry the most magic. 

  • Up the Ivory Tower With a Builford Roll Top Backpack
  • If there’s anything that gets left behind in the world of social media adventure and glory, it’s probably education. Besides graduations, which only come once every four years or less, or complaining about terrible teachers, there isn’t too much to post about!

    Despite this, school takes up the majority of time for the first quarter century of your life at least, and it’s one of the most important investments anyone can make.

    Just like when you go hiking or prepare for practice, you need the right tools and equipment for school – which also means you need the right bag to carry them! 

    While many waxed canvas brands focus exclusively on the outdoors advantages of the material, Builford takes the next step in reimagining what’s possible with waxwear. We recognized the material’s potential not just for a rugged rucksack for the wild, but also for a fashionable, every day backpack that students of all ages can appreciate.

    The Safari Roll Top Backpack is one example of this. Although it is set up to thrive in nature, the elegant and simple design is not out of place in the city or suburbs.

    Realizing that users might have a variety of needs for the pack, we made sure to include features that support as many of these as possible. While you may not use the protected laptop sleeve for a fishing trip with your friends, you might need it when you go back to school the next day.

    Besides the laptop sleeve, you’ll find many small organizational tools in the front pockets to help put your things in order. We’ve planned it right down to small details like pen loops and small pockets for easily-misplaced valuables.

    When it comes to school, you’ll value more the internal quality than the exterior. Backpacks easily get beat up with large, heavy textbooks, tears in the lining from wayward spiral notebooks. Thankfully, Builford backpacks are durable inside and out.

    For some, the days of high school and university are just holding patterns before life really begins, and for others, they’re some of the best days of life. Wherever you stand, be prepared for every day with a waxed canvas roll top backpack.Focus on what’s in front of you – when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you never get FOMO!

  • Versatility and Longevity: The Builford Promise
  • While it has been overused by packs of enthusiastic millennials trying to make each other jealous, there is truth in the statement that you only live once. There’s no time to waste!

    From the mountains and the lakes to the stadium and the classroom, live life to the fullest with a Builford waxed canvas roll top backpack.

    In a market saturated with backpacks and rucksacks and choices, Builford is unique in that our bags are genuinely luxury fashion items that are also rugged rucksacks fit for the wild.

    It’s uncommon to find such versatility, especially in waxed canvas. Most brands have the rugged rucksack down, but they aren’t necessarily bags you’d take on a tour or wear every day to school.

    Because we focus on both the interior and exterior of the bags, we’re able to create products that are able to do all of it. Additionally, we are careful with the design and ensure that while the exterior is also durable enough for the hard use we expect our customers will give it, it’s also beautiful and elegant.

    The other thing that Builford does particularly well is longevity.We’re not interested in selling you new versions or upgrades of something that already works just fine. We’d rather make a bag that you can keep and use for years and years to come. That’s why we offer the lifetime guarantee – apart from the usual wear and tear, if the bag breaks, we’ll repair or replace it.

    The Builford lifestyle isn’t about FOMO and getting something glossy just to take the picture and put it in the closet to forget about. We encourage living and being alive, experiencing everything with all five senses. We encourage engaging, studying, working, traveling. And we have the backpacks to help you do it.

    The Safari Roll Top Backpack is a great tool for hiking and camping, as well as for longer travels. It’s also great for students and athletes, with extra space for busy lifestyles.

    If the roll top style isn’t your style, check out the rest of the Builford catalog on the online store. The full collection features a variety of rucksacks and day packs, as well as messenger bags, cross body bags, duffle bags, and more. You’ll find bags for your business, your parties, and everything in between. We even have a vintage style waxwear jacket!

    Every bag in the collection comes with the same lifetime guarantee and quality of the Safari Roll Top Backpack described here. When you choose Builford, you’re set for life!

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