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Title Finding Your Inner Explorer With a Builford Waxed Canvas Rucksack
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • Finding Your Inner Explorer With a Builford Waxed Canvas Rucksack
  • Every child is an explorer, adventuring to new lands and fighting great beasts. Sometime along the road, however, many of us forget that person. The instinct never fades; however, we live vicariously through the explorers in the movies and books instead.

  • YYou can’t exactly blame us. Being an adult is hard enough, and between paying the bills, finding work, and just figuring out how to live, there’s just no time or extra energy to indulge the soul’s desire to wander.

    Sometimes, though, all we need is to give ourselves permission to take the time to rejuvenate and reset. It could be a sharp break, like a long voyage or a short voyage to somewhere very far away. That’s what many people think of when they imagine exploring. But this kind of trip is hard to imagine being able to afford, in time or money.

    A reset doesn’t have to be such a big thing, though! It could be simple, just finding the nearest lake or hill and taking a short hike. It could be a day trip or a weekend camping trip.

    However small or large, reconnecting with nature awakens that inner explorer that all children seem to have, and helps us see what’s really important in life.

    Giving yourself that permission could come from a number of places. Purchasing a Builford waxed canvas rucksack, which is built for adventuring, just might be the ticket. 

    A backpack won’t do the exploring for you. That, you’ll have to do yourself. But what it does is give you both an excuse and inspiration to take the hardest step: the first one!

    You’ll soon see that once you start the adventure, it’s hard to stop. You’ll get the taste of exploration, feel the energy that comes from nature, and what’s more, you’ll see just how good of a tool a solid rucksack can be. 

  • Heavy-Duty Rucksacks For Hiking and Camping
  • You don’t need to be a pioneer to be an explorer. Just stepping out of your normal path, or even looking on the old path with new eyes, is enough. 

    Builford waxed canvas rucksacks are solid backpacks for any day of the week, but they really shine in the outdoors. In some ways it’s the home territory of waxed canvas, where the material shows its value the most.

    Sure, you can find durable, heavy-duty nylon backpacks. None, however, fit as seamlessly into nature as the waxed canvas ones.

    The first and most obvious advantage of waxed canvas is that it’s waterproof.Generally speaking, you probably won’t intentionally go hiking when it’s raining, and you’ll probably check the weather forecast before deciding if this weekend is good for a camping trip.

    But the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and moisture can sink into your stuff from other places than rain. Just an hour over lunch on a wet ground could be enough to ruin both the bag and your valuables inside if the material isn’t waterproof!

    It’s not just the waterproofing, however. Waxed canvas takes wear and tear, especially from the outdoors, better than almost any other fabric. 

    With a Builford waxed canvas rucksack, it’s about much more than one hike, or one magical weekend. It’s about the consistency, returning again and again to favorite places or finding new paths.

  • It’s not just the bag that sticks with you for the great trips, though. It’s the one that lasts with you through the terrible trips, when it rains the whole weekend and you slip in the mud, when you got sick and could barely walk, when you cut your hand on the fishing rod and had to return early.

    That’s what we mean when we say our rucksacks are built to last.

    We know that life, and exploring, is a lot more than glossy pages and sunny days. When you step outside the air conditioned room, life gets unpredictable and sometimes very messy.

    At the end of the day, the so-called bad memories are just as special as the good ones. With a backpack that sees it all through with you, shrugging it on feels like greeting an old friend. 

    Additionally, because the waxed canvas allows your rejuvenation time to not be restricted by the weather, it’s also not restricted by seasons.

  • All-Season Exploration
  • The peak season for hiking and camping is the early summer. That’s when the weather is the best, when you’re least likely to get rained out but also less likely to overheat.

    It’s a great time for a first hike, actually, if you’re just starting to get in touch with your inner explorer. But what if you get the bug and that month of perfect weather just isn’t enough? Or maybe you find it’s not your favorite season. Autumn is another favorite, for example, for the natural beauty of the changing colors.

    With a Builford waxed canvas rucksack, you don’t need to worry about seasons at all. Seasons come and go but waxed canvas endures and bears it all.

    Whether you are snowshoeing in the winter or crunching through fallen leaves, jumping through the mud of spring or searching for the cool mountain air in the middle of summer, waxed canvas can handle it all.

    What’s more, you’ll find Builford rucksacks have the space and organization to accommodate the gear and clothing changes that come with each season. The rucksack particularly featured in the pictures of this article, the Explorer Rucksack, is a perfect example. 

    This large-size pack is more or less simple in its design. It offers a few zippered pockets for the items you need easy access to. After that, there’s the large main compartment with a zip flap top – and that’s all. But don’t worry: that main compartment can carry a lot of volume when filled to the brim!

    When we designed the Explorer Rucksack, we left it simple on purpose. This rucksack doesn’t organize itself for you, or tell you where to put your things. It gives you the space to choose your own journey, and what you’ll bring along the way.It’s not a bag that does everything and then walk for you, a modern contraption to “make nature comfortable.” It’s just a tool – the rest is up to you!

  • Longer Travel with a Waxed Canvas Rucksack
  • Regular day trips or even weekend trips can be enough to reconnect and reset your energy. But sometimes it’s good to indulge in something longer, to take the time to really relax and let go of the daily stress.

    A Builford waxed canvas rucksack can also work just as well for longer trips. A rucksack isn’t a backpacking pack, so it won’t necessarily be your best option for a three month trek through Southeast Asia, for example.

    However, for longer hikes or camping trips where you keep the largest gear at the base, it’s a great option.You can take it fishing one day and up to the summit another!

    The rucksack is an ideal option for these longer trips, but it doesn’t just have to be for hiking, camping, or other outdoors vacations. Most Builford rucksacks have as much space as a small carry-on suitcase. If you pack light, the Explorer Rucksack can suffice for a vacation of up to three weeks. Even then, it can be a great companion to a larger suitcase for more serious travel.

    The advantages of using waxed canvas rucksacks for longer voyages are the same as they are for outdoors adventures. Waxed canvas is decidedly more durable, can hold up for longer periods of time and is weatherproof.

    It’s also true that a Builford rucksack blends into most environments, and doesn’t quite stick out as much as a nylon pack that screams “Tourist!” 

    You can feel more at home wherever you go, and the vintage flavor of Builford packs gives style points no matter which country you travel to.

    Imagine that: you can use the same rucksack for summer day hikes, two-week vacations internationally, winter ski trips, fall camping trips, and even business trips.

    There aren’t many bags, let alone waxed canvas bags, that can say the same. That’s where Builford steps ahead of its competitors. It’s not just about the few hiking trips in good weather. Our backpacks are with you through it all: the good, the bad, and the beautiful. 

    That’s the true spirit of the explorer!

    Here’s a quick guide to help you find the rucksack that will release your inner explorer to the max.

  • Choosing Your Own Builford Waxed Canvas Backpack
  • If you’re searching for something to inspire you to explore, what better place to start than the Explorer Rucksack?

    You’ve already seen it throughout this article. At the base, it’s a rucksack with serious interior volume. Without too many extra features to dictate what you should use it for, the Explorer Rucksack is a blank slate for your dreams and aspirations.

    Builford never gets too fancy with its rucksacks – after all, it’s still just a tool. What matters the most is what you do with it. Another great example is the Basic Backpack. Slightly smaller than the Explorer, it also offers a few extra buckles and straps on the side and bottom, giving you the option to add on more gear if you need.

    Like the Explorer, the Basic has a flap top, though its flap is padded and a bit stiffer than the Explorer, giving the bag a different shape. Overall, it has a more simple design and appearance, but the shape in itself is unique. It features padded shoulder straps and back panel, and the strap placement is balanced for maximum comfort. 

    While the Explorer and the Basic Rucksacks are somewhat similar to each other in basic design features, the Roll Top Safari is quite different. This rucksack is probably the largest in the collection, with a very deep main compartment. It closes with a roll top and metal clasps, allowing full use of the entire main compartment. In case you are using it for shorter trips, or need quick access, it has a front zipper under the roll top, acting like a flap closure.

    With its extra pockets and ergonomically-shaped back, the Roll Top Safari is great for those who are already outdoors enthusiasts. 

    Builford does offer other waxed canvas backpacks in the collection beyond these three. There’s the Deluxe Daypack, which is great for day trips, and the all-purpose Classic Backpack, for example. However in terms of design, backpacks such as the Deluxe Daypack and Classic Backpack are more all-around every day backpacks, and work best between the outdoors and the city.

    For those looking to spend more and more time in the outdoors, however, the Explorer, Basic, and Roll Top Safari Rucksacks are just the ticket. The designs are all inspired from old-style explorers and pioneers. It’s easy to imagine the places you might go when you look at these packs, and could give you that extra push you need to get out the door.

  • The Road Goes Ever On and On
  • When did you last indulge your inner explorer? When was the last time you took a deep breath of clean, natural air and felt it sink into your bones?

    Forget all the excuses of why you can’t. You can, and you will. And when you purchase a waxed canvas rucksack, you give yourself the permission you need to get out and explore. 

    Moreover, when you purchase a Builford pack, you guarantee yourself a lifetime of use and adventure. Each pack is hand-assembled with a craftsman-like attention to detail and quality.

    After all, when we say our packs are built to last, we mean it. 

    Check out the full catalog at our online store! Don’t forget to also check out the collection of waxed canvas messenger bags, tote bags, duffle bags, and more! Every Builford bag uses Original Martexin Waxed Canvas and specially treated leather for maximum durability and quality – so our waxed canvas handbags are just as mighty as our heavy-duty rucksacks. 

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