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Title Modern Vintage Waxed Canvas Tote Bag
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • Modern Vintage Waxed Canvas Tote Bag
  • M Find the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication in Builford’s waxed canvas tote bags.

    Builford’s full collection offers a wide variety of bags and backpacks, ranging from laptop backpacks and hiking rucksacks all the way to tote bags. Each bag is a unique creation; we take our time in developing each, and only release one or two models a year. 

    In this way, we make sure that the bags live up to our standards and aesthetics, but not only that, it also ensures that every bag in our collection can stand apart in an oversaturated market.

    It’s easy to see the results of this process. There are two tote bags in the catalog, and while they are both certainly totes, they are quite different from each other. Each is an elegant fashion piece in its own right. Indeed, if you only see one or the other, it’s easy to think that this is exactly how a waxed canvas tote bag should look!

    We’ll take a closer look at both bags below. In the meantime, what connects the bags is simple enough: a nostalgic aesthetic that capitalizes on the vintage effect of the waxed canvas while adding a touch of cosmopolitan fashion. 

    Both heavily feature waxed canvas, a bold choice for a fashion bag. Most vintage totes or vintage-style totes go for leather. Because the tote bag is a more modern style, it’s not always easy to make it seem old-fashioned!

    The waxed canvas manages to strike a balance between the two worlds. The leather is used for the finishing details, adding sophistication and a hint of formality to the overall look.

    But that’s enough discussion of the design concepts! To a much more important question: how do these waxed canvas totes actually look, feel, and function in reality? 

    To answer that, we need to go straight to the catalog. Let’s take a closer look at the two tote bags in Builford’s collection: the May Vintage Tote Bag and the Carry All Tote Bag.

  • May Vintage Tote Bag
  • This handsome handbag was one of the first designs in Builford’s collection and has remained a staple in the catalog. It’s the quintessential women’s bag, and works well as a purse, shopping bag, working bag, and more.

    This design features one of the more unique waxed canvas fabrics we have available: the waxed grid. Most models available in the current catalog have the standard waxed canvas, which has a slightly softer appearance. The grid canvas brings out an entirely new texture to the material. When paired with the leather especially in the square designs of the May Vintage Tote Bag, it absolutely takes the spotlight. 

    Don’t worry: the grid isn’t the first thing you notice. It just adds an overall comprehensive feel to the bag, complemented by the leather cross detail and horizontal pockets. Together they create a comprehensive geometric look.

    In more concrete terms, the grid adds a slightly rugged quality to an elegant design. With the waxed canvas more prominent, the bag automatically feels more vintage. In some ways, instead of dressing down the bag, the rougher texture makes this tote stand out more as a fashion item!

    If the grid pattern doesn’t strike your fancy, however, we do make this waxed canvas tote bag in the regular canvas we use for other products. The result is a more understated design, though no less beautiful.

    That’s the outside of the May Vintage Tote Bag, but there’s much more to the bag than what pattern the material comes in! Our Builford backpacks are built to last, strong rucksacks that can handle the wild outdoors. We certainly don’t change that approach for our other bags, even if they’re “only” tote bags or “just” women’s bags.Whether you are camping or shopping, working or playing, we bring the same solid, long-lasting quality to all bags.

  • What’s In the Bag: Features of the May Vintage Tote Bag
  • This waxed canvas tote bag is solid inside and out. We’ve talked about the outside a lot, but now it’s time to look inside.

    It starts with a top zipper that closes the main compartment and keeps your valuables extra safe. Most totes don’t close on top – in some ways the May Vintage bag is a cross between a tote and a purse! But it does help keep out the rain and makes this an all-season bag, unlike most totes that are only useful in sunny summer weather! 

  • Inside, we have a durable fabric lining. This extra lining helps keep the bag looking nice and ensures a longer lifespan.

    Builford bags always include good interior organization. As such, even though this is “just” a tote bag, we’ve made sure that you always have a place to stash your things.

    There is a protected sleeve perfect for tablets or mini-laptops. It has extra padding and a Velcro strap so you can be sure that your electronics are safe, even if your bag takes a beating.

    We also include two mesh pockets on the tablet sleeve, and two pouches on the other side. These are great for water bottles or other drinks – the very last thing you need is soda or water all over your valuables! 

    If you need extra space, or you prefer to keep a few things in easy reach, you can use the small zippered pockets on the front of the bag. It’d be a great place for transportation cards or cell phones, for example! There’s a larger zip pocket on the back as well.

    All in all, Builford envisions an interior that is just as durable as the outside. The overall look of the May Vintage Tote Bag is pure class and sophistication, and the inside is your toolbox. It’s all the hard work people don’t necessarily see, all the working pieces that come together to make your dreams come true.

    That’s the May Vintage bag. As mentioned, though, there’s one more tote bag in the Builford catalog, and it’s about as different as it could possibly be. Let’s take a look.

  • Carry All Waxed Canvas Tote Bag
  • The Carry All Tote Bag looks more like a traditional tote, but it carries secrets along with everything else! There are many hidden features that prove this bag is worthy of the name and a high class fashion piece to boot.

    One of the biggest frustrations with regular totes is the lack of organization. The May Vintage gets away with the surprise of interior pockets as it doesn’t necessarily look like a regular tote. But on a first glance, the Carry All Tote seems like it would be one big pouch. From cosmetics to receipts, notebooks, headphones tangling with chargers and maybe a few random things you can’t remember putting in the bag, it gets pretty darn messy with just one big compartment. 

    What you put in the bag is your problem, but at least it might be easier to find again with the Carry All Tote. A strong, double-lined separator cuts the main compartment in half. On one side there is a protected pocket for a tablet or small notebook. The other side includes a small pouch perfect for a cell phone, pen loops, and a secret zippered pocket.

    The Carry All Tote has a nice size; not overwhelmingly large, but with greater capacity than most simple totes.It’s about fourteen inches at the bottom, opening to seventeen inches at the top, with a depth of fifteen inches. It’s also five inches wide, which gives it a much bigger volume and interior space than a regular tote.

    Everything zips up nicely with a main top zipper. It keeps everything tidy and the mess inside hidden from the world! More practically, it keeps your things safe from the elements, especially considering waxed canvas is waterproof. Indeed, just like the May Vintage Tote Bag, you can use the Carry All Tote in all seasons, not just summer.

    In fact, this waxed canvas tote bag has a very simple, minimalist design that helps it blend into all kinds of different situations and seasons.

  • Simple Elegance
  • The Carry All Tote Bag’s design is so simple it almost seems too sparing. It’s just two earthy tones of the waxed canvas, Marron Grey and Brush Brown, with black leather handles – and that’s it!

    It’s very easy to dress bags up with extra details and finishings. Random fringes and buckles seem to fill up the market of women’s bags. But to produce something that is so simple takes serious guts. The Carry All Tote doesn’t hide anything: it just presents the raw beauty of waxed canvas and then steps back to let it take the spotlight. 

    It works for a few reasons. One reason is the balance between the two colors. The Marron Grey version of the tote has a slightly larger ratio of that color, and likewise for the Brush Brown version. The ratio, roughly seventy to thirty percent, gives the bag a pleasing visual depth and accentuates the slight tapering at the bottom.

    Additionally, the two colors are just very complementary to each other. The cool grey balances the warm earthy brown, and together they contrast and add to each other’s strengths.

    With these two taking all the attention, there’s no need for anything else. The handles are black, leaving the spotlight on the waxed canvas. The result of the minimal design is that it has a weight of sophistication and elegance.

    Finally, the simplicity of the design ensures that you can use the Carry All Tote Bag in all settings. It is formal enough for professional environments and sober enough for cold weather fashion, while still being light and informal enough for summer parties.

    As you can see, the Carry All Tote Bag and May Vintage Tote Bag couldn’t be more different. And yet, in practice they are the same durable, fashionable accessory that Builford always promises.What’s more, they are unified by the material that makes them: waxed canvas.

  • The Waxed Canvas Advantage
  • When you purchase a Builford waxed canvas tote bag, you get one of the best promises of durability on the market.

    Waxed canvas is in itself a promise. It’s not just because it’s waterproof, or that the waxing provides a natural protection from rips and tears. It’s also that the infusion process makes the material much stronger than before. And even more, it ages more gracefully than almost any fabric. The waxed canvas naturally takes the wear or scratches of normal use. It looks natural and indeed adds more character to its already charismatic feel.

    But it’s not just about the waxed canvas, or even the practice of craftsmanship and hand-assembly in the production process. Every Builford bag comes with a lifetime guarantee. If the bag shows more than ordinary use and wear, such as torn seams or broken zippers, we will repair it.

    What is the point of a beautiful fashion accessory if it only lasts a season? While many brands try to release new collections and models all the time to keep up with the latest rage, we take the time and effort to create something timeless.

    Both the tote bags described here have countless hours of work and planning behind them. They are built to last, in both fashion and function. Whether you use it for shopping, work, studying, or anything else, you’ll quickly discover the waxed canvas and the Builford advantage.

    The advantage is pretty simple: when you own a Builford bag, you don’t need to worry if it fits the season or the trends. It’s nothing more or less than a bag for today and every day, as long as you need it. 

    Find out more about Builford by checking out the other articles, and be sure to visit the online store and browse the full collection of unique bags and backpacks. You can find everything from hiking and travel rucksacks, student backpacks, messenger bags, handbags, portfolios, and more. As you’ll see, each bag is a masterpiece in itself!

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