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Title Oh, The Places You’ll Go With A Waxed Canvas Backpack!
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go With A Waxed Canvas Backpack!
  • OIn the world of technology and google image search, sometimes we confuse the map with the scenery itself. It’s easy to think the world is at your fingertips. After all, isn’t it enough to see the photos, or wander the sights in virtual reality?

    True travelers know that a photo can never compare with seeing it yourself, however. There’s a reason Facebook fear-of-missing-out has become such problem for today’s young people. Just seeing pictures on a friend’s timeline isn’t enough to satiate the need to wander!

    There’s nothing that can compare to the awe that comes with the sheer size of snowcapped peaks. One can’t imagine the aromas and sounds of crowded market streets, exotic spices and materials and languages flinging back and forth. A picture can never truly convey the weight of history in ancient temples. A photo only uses one sense, but life requires all five and sometimes a few more. 

    But of course, photos certainly are easier. For many people, just getting to those places is hard to imagine, let alone carry out. Even if you have the vacation time and the money, which many of us struggle for, it takes a real commitment and more than a little courage to get on the plane or the train or the bus and make it happen.

    It takes many small steps to reach a dream. Take a bigger step forward by investing in a waxed canvas backpack to take you there and back again – or just there, if your feet are longing to keep wandering! A good quality pack can support you wherever the journey leads.

  • Into the Woods and Just Around the Riverbend With Builford Backpacks
  • Stepping into the wild brings a swirl of emotions, such as excitement for new adventures or nervousness for what you’ll find. After all, our childhood stories tell us the wilds hold either monsters or magic!

    Don’t worry. With good preparation and good equipment, there’s nothing to be concerned about. There are some wonderful things waiting when you step out of the routine and into nature – and they probably won’t be wolves in your grandmother’s clothes. That’s where a Builford waxed canvas backpack comes into the picture.

    Waxed canvas is one of the preferred materials for outdoor packs for a variety of reasons. Due to the waxing process, it’s tougher than normal fabric and it’s waterproof. Obviously, you won’t be hiking in the rain necessarily, but water can find its way inside the pack in all kinds of sneaky ways. 

    Builford pairs the waxed canvas with specially treated leather. It’s no good to have a waterproof base material when you have flaking, dry leather! We use a process that infuses the leather with oil, ensuring that it remains moist and flexible throughout the backpack’s lifespan.

  • A Backpack For Life
  • Both the waxed canvas and leather age very well, and can take a lot of wear and tear without showing it.They do show some scratches, but because the material is already a little rough, the natural wear blends in very well.

    That’s important if you’re spending a lot of time hiking or camping. Clearly you’re not trying to make a fashion statement, but you don’t want your bag to look like it’s falling apart. Instead, the more natural wear just gives good memories and a sense of history.

    If, after a long time of using the backpack, the wax starts to evaporate or get gritty, you can refresh it! One of the great things about wax canvas is that you can re-wax it. You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and there are many rewaxing kits available for Original Martexin Waxed Canvas, which is the brand that Builford uses for all its backpacks.

    Besides the materials, Builford rucksacks have plenty of other features that make them great for exploring the wide world. In particular for hiking and camping, many of the backpacks have flap top closures.

    How does that help? Again, it has to do with water. A flap top has a different shape than a normal backpack, sloping down and away from the shoulders and back. If you or your backpack happens to get caught in the rain, the design encourages the water to slough down and away from you. It doesn’t get stuck on the pack, which also protects the contents inside.

  • The Time Is Now
  • Although it’s easy to take our planet for granted, we live in a time when Earth’s future as a green and blue marble of life isn’t so certain. If you’ve never experienced the beauty and peace of reconnecting with nature, though, it’s hard to take that threat very seriously.

    With a Builford waxed canvas backpack, take the time to remember what makes Earth so special. It’s a big universe out there, and thus far astronomers have found no planets exactly like ours. Experience the thin air of the mountains, wander along the shore, feel the rain as it sweeps in, hear the joy of the birds at dawn, and remember: there is truly nowhere else like it in this big universe of ours. 

    When you come back from nature and back into the city, though, what happens to that lovely pack and all the memories it carries? Stuff it into a closet for whenever you can manage to get out again, or pass it off to the next wanderer?

    Definitely not. Builford backpacks are just as ready for city life as they are for the mountains. 

  • There Must Be More Than This Provincial Town – Into the City with a Waxed Canvas Backpack
  • The landscape of the world has shifted. Modern life fits better in urban places it seems. Rural work gets handed to the machines and the humans flock to find their place among the millions.

    While many people might long for a simple cabin in the woods, the lure of the cities is undeniably strong. Great metropolises with humming activity all hours of the day, skyscrapers and subways. There’s so much potential in the cities, and it makes a person hungry to find out what’s possible.

    Some people come to the cities for school, others for work. Some come to the city to make it big and become famous, or rich, or both.

    Whatever it is you come for, your Builford waxed canvas backpack is right there with you. 

  • Above, we discussed the features of Builford rucksacks that make it great for the wilderness. But what about the urban jungle? In this chaotic place, fashion and image are more important, and what the bag looks like counts for more than its staying power. Additionally, what you carry with it is very different! Instead of clothes and gear, you need documents, books, and electronics.

    Builford backpacks have the fashion element as well as the equipment to deal with the new contents.

  • The Builford Aesthetic
  • It might be hard to picture a waxed canvas backpack being a fashion item and not just a rugged pack. That’s the magic of Builford, though! Each backpack in the collection is unique and has its own style. They have interesting and different shapes than the generic backpack, and the waxed canvas and leather are always neatly balanced.

    The best way to describe the Builford aesthetic is “luxury vintage.” The treated leather and metal finishings give the feeling of luxury, while the overall shape, color, and design bring across the vintage flavor. Many Builford models take inspiration from old-fashioned bags, with their own take and twists.

    The best part about Builford designs is that they fit in both informal and formal settings. Waxed canvas tends to feel more casual usually. However, when dressed up with the leather and classy designs, it can fit in more formal settings as well without looking out of place.

    Practically, that means you could take your waxed canvas backpack to school, and then carry it to a top job interview after without needing to drop the bag at home.

    It means you could bring it to work, and take it to that dressy networking event at the end of the day.

    Whatever your situation and whatever you need it for, a Builford backpack can fit the bill. In formal settings, the waxed canvas fades into the background and the sophisticated, luxurious style comes through. In informal settings, the waxed canvas comes to the forefront and brings a cool, casual look to the ensemble.

  • That’s what you call versatile, and that’s why it’s worth investing in a backpack built for life. 

  • Go The Distance With A Waxed Canvas Rucksack
  • People say the world has gotten smaller. Technology brings us closer, airplane travel is commonplace, and really anything can be delivered to your door in the press of a button.

    And yet in some ways, the world has gotten bigger. As close as technology has supposedly brought us, we are more divided than ever, and possibilities and opportunities have grown exponentially. Indeed, sometimes it seems like if you don’t aspire to be great and take advantage of everything and travel to exotic shores, you’re wrong or strange. We forget that sometimes the most beautiful places and the grandest adventures can be found in our own backyards. 

    Everyone’s dreams are different, and there’s no use comparing them as bigger or smaller. Maybe your long hike takes place in the park by your house, or maybe the dragon you have to tackle is your high school math teacher. Maybe you will travel to somewhere no one in your town has heard of. Maybe you’ll never leave, and put your roots where your family is.

  • A Builford waxed canvas backpack is there for all walks of life. 

    After all, it’s never about the destination, but the journey it takes to get there. In one life, there are many different journeys and most of the time, where you end – and the road along the way – is a surprise!

    Wherever your path leads you, Builford packs come with a lifetime guarantee. We hope our bags stay with you all the way, and if they fail to do so, we’ll repair them. From today’s grind as a student to retirement by the sea, we hope to see that same waxed canvas backpack by your side.

    Not sure where to start? Here are a couple recommendations for Builford packs to get you going. 

  • Two Backpacks to Get You Started
  • The two rucksacks featured in the photos above are the Deluxe Daypack and the Basic Backpack.

    The Deluxe Daypack is great for students, with a slightly more modern design and lots of space for books and electronics. However, it’s also great for day trips and hikes, with two perfect water bottle-sized front pockets. The front flap snaps shut with magnetic snaps and the main compartment is accessible with a top zipper.

    If you’re primarily a city dweller who likes occasional jaunts away into nature, this waxed canvas backpack is a great choice.Students, office workers, and freelancers, for example, would particularly love it.

  • The Basic Backpack, on the other hand, is one of Builford’s very first models. It has a simple but classy design, and features the flap design discussed above. It’s a bit more vintage than the Deluxe Daypack, but it’s very sophisticated.

    While this backpack is rock solid for any user, it can shine best with those who spend more time in and out of the city. It’s almost purely waxed canvas, and is a great companion for fishers, hikers, campers, and etc.

    With that said, it also includes a laptop compartment and would be perfectly suitable for students, professionals, and beyond.

    The Deluxe Daypack and the Basic Backpack together make a good example of Builford’s design range. The general aesthetic is the same, but their expression is quite different. From a more modern shape to the vintage knapsack style, Builford proves that waxed canvas is a versatile and fashionable material. 

    You can view the full catalog at our online store. In addition to backpacks, we also offer a range of messenger bags and crossbody bags with the same quality and range.

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