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Title Throwback Fashion: Builford Waxed Canvas Crossbody Bags
Posted by BUILFORD (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-07-23
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  • Throwback Fashion: Builford Waxed Canvas Crossbody Bags
  • Discover elegant waxed canvas bags, men’s fashion bags, professional bags, and more at Builford’s online store!

  • EEvery item in the Builford collection, whether it be a heavy-duty rucksack or a simple waxed canvas crossbody bag, can stand on its own as a high fashion accessory.

    Of all the whole collection, however, the crossbody bags stand out as some of the most elegant and sophisticated. The throwback designs and high quality materials come together beautifully. The waxed canvas and leather combination works particularly well for men, though men and women alike will appreciate the style.

    As the bags fit in with both formal and casual settings, you can use them daily, for work, school, and social occasions.

    The quality of the bags extends past its exterior appearance. Builford prides itself on providing hardy, long-lasting bags to its clients. Like all its products, the crossbody bags are user-friendly and comfortable.

    Let’s take a look on what makes Builford crossbody bags special, the features of some of the top models, and how you can use them in daily life. 

  • What’s In a Builford Bag?
  • The most important ingredient of a Builford waxed canvas bag is of course the waxed canvas. One can’t have a waxed canvas bag without it!

    Builford uses exclusively Original Martexin Waxed Canvas™, which is the most reputable brand. It’s also the longest lasting – this family business dates all the way back to the 1930s. The family keeps a secret formula passed on from generation to generation, though each generation is constantly tweaking and improving.

    The best thing about the Martexin waxed canvas is that it’s one of the softest and smoothest versions on the market. The version Builford uses is one of Martexin’s thinner, more flexible formulas. It still has the waterproofing and durability of the thicker variety, but with an appearance that’s more high class and fashionable. 

    Builford also works with Martexin to find the right colors for the canvas. The Builford palette is mostly earth tones, natural tans, browns, and greys. Even though the colors are very natural, they all bring their own character and beauty to the bags.

  • The second ingredient for a Builford bag is the leather. Like the waxed canvas, we use the highest quality possible. We use only the interior, softer part of premium cowhide. The leather is then infused with oil in a treatment that ensures it remains moist and pliable for its full lifespan.

    The result is a leather that looks soft and healthy, with a natural beauty that takes wear and tear without looking old or ruined.

    Indeed, if there’s anything about a Builford bag, it’s that it ages gracefully! Both the waxed canvas and leather can take a lot of wear without showing it.

    The finishing touches of the bag are brass zippers and strong canvas straps. The leather is primarily used for details and accents, letting the waxed canvas shine through.

    Every Builford bag, crossbody or otherwise, starts with this base of quality waxed canvas and leather. That’s where we start – but it’s not where we finish! It’s not enough to give someone the ingredients only and tell them to make a soup, after all. The recipe, the composition, and the presentation all count.

    Builford has used these materials to make a number of different soups, each as delicious as the last. Now that we know what the basic ingredients are, let’s take a closer look at the design and features of one of the crossbody models.

  • Getting Up Close and Personal With a Builford Waxed Canvas Crossbody Bag
  • Say hello to the Enta Messenger Bag!

  • This crossbody has been a staple in the collection for several years, due to its appeal for both men and women as a daily bag.

    As a note – there isn’t a great difference between a messenger bag and a crossbody bag! They are both worn across the body, hence the latter name. Messenger bags usually have the flap closure, while a crossbody can literally be anything that is worn across the body. However, they essentially refer to the same style.

    The Enta Messenger Bag is thusly named as it has the flap closure, however, it is generally slimmer and smaller than a traditional briefcase-like messenger bag. Still, as you can see, the Enta is not necessarily a small bag. Its dimensions are about ten inches across and twelve inches deep, with about four and a half inches wide, which is more than enough to house a tablet, a few books, and anything else you need with you for the day. 

    The Enta particularly stands out in the collection as it has a higher ratio of leather to waxed canvas, which is partly why it has a more luxurious appearance. The top front flap is leather, as well as two protective patches on the sides. These have a function as well as adding to the overall look, acting a buffer for the sides and keeping the bag from extra wear. 

    Builford has always focused on details, and that’s immediately clear from this bag. The small corner details on the flap add an extra elegant touch. The flap appears to close with buckles, but in fact, the leather straps close with magnetic snaps. That makes it much easier to open and close!

    To complete the exterior, the Enta has an adjustable leather shoulder strap. You can wear it long or cinch it close to your back, however you prefer.

  • Storage and Organization
  • In terms of storage, the Enta bag has two slip-in pouches at the front and the back. The interior is fully lined and waterproofed. It has a padded pouch with a Velcro strap, perfect for a tablet. It also has a mesh pocket to keep track of small valuables such as keys, wallet, and etc.

    Because it has a full foot of depth, there is plenty of room for a water bottle, books, or even a camera. The width at the bottom also increases the overall storage space. You’ll certainly find there’s more space than you really need – but better that than searching for any available nook or cranny!

  • Also In the Collection
  • The Enta Messenger Bag is the epitome of class and grace. But it’s not the only waxed canvas crossbody bag in Builford’s collection.

    Another top recommendation is the Jeeney Crossbody, pictured here. This bag has a more portfolio style appearance, with a handsome, classical design.

  • This bag is bigger than the Enta and can hold a small laptop. Like the Enta, it closes with easy magnetic snaps cleverly disguised under the leader buckles. With the leather straps extending to the top and the small leather cross detailing, this is a more formal, work-appropriate crossbody.

    On the other hand, a more vintage choice would be the Builford Haversack. This bag has a slightly more old-school design with two full pouches on the front flap. In terms of size, it falls between the Enta and the Jeeney – enough, in other words, to carry a small-size laptop in the interior padded pouch.

    The Haversack’s best feature, however, is the middle zipper that runs the circumference of the bag’s underside, from one end of the strap to the other. When open, this zipper releases extra fabric that almost doubles the width of the bag. Between the extra interior space and the front pouches, the Haversack has a surprising volume for its appearance. It’s a great choice for travel or business!

    The Builford collection updates often, with older models retiring and new models coming in. Be sure to keep checking the online catalog for any new designs. Because Builford maintains a craftsman style production process, we don’t manufacture as many models at one time as many other brands.That is why sometimes we sell out certain models very quickly. But don’t worry! If your favorite model is sold out, keep checking back for the next production run!

  • The Best Places To Take Your Builford Crossbody Bag
  • Once you’ve chosen your bag, then what? Of course, there is no user manual for a bag – you put your things and go. But here are some of the best places to take a Builford waxed canvas crossbody bag to really make the most of its features.

  • The Office
  • Waxed canvas sometimes has a connotation of being very casual or rugged. Because it is often used for hiking rucksacks or other outdoors equipment, people don’t often think of it as fashionable or stylish.

    As you can see, however, the Builford aesthetic is of a very high level. None of the crossbody bags featured in this article, for example, would be out of place in any office, even the more formal ones. The Jeeney Crossbody as mentioned has a more traditional appearance that would go well with a suit. The modern briefcase, in other words!

    Additionally, as the bags have generous interior space, they are great for commuters especially on public transport. You can carry books, a tablet, or anything else you need for the journey.

  • Social Engagements
  • Whether it’s meeting a friend for a coffee or a night out on the town, Builford bags are classy enough to fit into almost any milieu.

    While some women might find the style a bit too casual for the more fancy soirées, these crossbody bags can work well for both men and women. Women may prefer to leave it at home for the evenings at the club, but it’s certainly elegant enough for normal evenings out, such as meeting friends at the bar or taking a day to shop.

    Builford bags are quite chameleon in this regard. They appear more casual in casual settings, and more formal in formal settings.

    There’s one more advantage to bringing a waxed canvas bag with you as well – it’s waterproof! Whether it’s a sudden midnight rainstorm or a soggy winter evening at the bar with mud everywhere, you can be sure the water won’t damage the bag or your things.

  • Travel
  • A secure and hardy bag goes a very long way when you’re traveling. Sometimes it’s tempting to bring only backpacks with you – but at a certain point, you don’t want to look like a tourist anymore and lugging a backpack around all the time gets tiring.

    Take a Builford waxed canvas crossbody bag as a carry-on instead, and feel free and easy to explore in style. There’s still enough space to carry everything you need, including maps, passport, travel guides, and more. But instead of the bulky backpack getting in the way in crowded markets, stopping every time to take out the water on hot days, with a crossbody everything is right there at your side.

    The crossbody style also discourages pickpockets as it’s easier to carry in the front where you can keep an eye on it. As an additional benefit, wearing the strap across the body keeps away any potential bag snatchers. You’ll have peace of mind and body carrying a crossbody as you travel!

  • Fashion and Function For Life
  • As you have seen, Builford bags are sophisticated, high class accessories. You can feel comfortable carrying it in almost any situation, with its timeless vintage appearance.

    Because it is also waxed canvas, however, it’s important to know that Builford bags are not just about the fashion. These are also hard-working, extra durable bags that can take a great deal more wear and tear than most materials.Indeed, the wear shows so minimally that it tends to add character instead of looking grungy!

    In case there is more than normal wear and tear, you can take advantage of the Builford lifetime guarantee. If something goes wrong that shouldn’t – a broken zipper, torn seams, etc – we will replace or repair the bag. It’s very important to us that our bags last a lifetime – that they can follow your journey wherever you go, and help you get there. 

    The crossbody models featured in this article, along with rucksacks, backpacks, duffle bags, portfolios, and more, can be found on the Builford online store on this site. 

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