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Brand Craftsmanship

  • builford brand craftsmanship

    The Builford Collection combines American Martexin Original Wax Canvas with its 100 years of history and a constant manufacturing philosophy and the creativity and expertise of designers from all over the world.

    Martexin Original Wax Canvas, a renowned American brand, has been producing entirely original wax canvas since 1938.

    The Builford Collection is the epitome of vintage luxury, a popular design concept currently. However, at Builford, we pride ourselves on the fact that all manufacturing processes such as sewing, waxing, leather processing, and assembly are performed by hands of expert craftsmen who have devoted their lives to their work. Many brands settle for a lower quality material and factory-produced products in order to offer lower costs to consumers. But at Builford, we are not interested in mass-produced items to sell for a high profit, preferring instead to work on the principal of high quality, well-crafted and well-designed products.

    In placing our focus on value and craftsmanship, Builford is able to stand apart from its competitors.

    Using 100% Martexin Original Wax Canvas and in collaboration with top designers, all manufacturing is done in Korea, a country famous for its fashion and workmanship. The production and distribution is exclusively managed through WKS, a joint-venture between Singapore and Korea.

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