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WKS Global Introduction

Based in South Korean, WKS Global is a joint-venture between its Korean headquarters and the Singapore-based LTM THM group, both of whom have a long history and experience in the fashion industry.

At WKS Global, we are ceaselessly working to help our customers enrich, express, and enjoy their lives through fashion. We seek to pioneer the future through creation and risk-taking, in collaboration with our partners. We have collaborated with partners all over the world, including Europe, the U.S., and Asia company to find and represent valuable brands. We act as messengers to these partners to ensure the products we sell reflect our customers' needs.

We strive to satisfy customers and commit ourselves thoroughly to fulfill our promises to both partners and customers.

Currently, our headquarters are formally located in South Korea, but in many ways, WKS is truly global – we work in the studios of designers all over the world, in the factories of our materials, and further in the offices of our partners.

In recent years, many European and American brands have looked to South Korea for inspiration, as it is a hub of creative design that more and more customers are interested in. As such, we are an integral part of many collaborations and designs.

Our mission is remain strong in our commitment to history and tradition, while still maintaining a high level of responsiveness to our consumers and keep our products at once vintage and dynamic.